Tostado Festival, Santander Cebu

Cebu, Philippines

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Santander is the southernmost municipality of Cebu province. It serves as one of the seaports connecting to the province of Negros Oriental. The town was established in1867 and the parish in1897, it became a municipality during the American occupation in 1918.

Santander is known for its Tostado Festival where they showcase their famous delicacy and celebrated on the third Sunday of April. Tostado is a local delicacy in the town. Tostado festival gives honor to the delicacy that has made Santander popular. One of the highlights of this festival is the jovial and dazzling street dancing competition and the dancers wear costumes and props to give more attraction to the viewers which participated in the different barangays of Santander.

The festival launched in April 2006 as a highlight of the town fiesta. The festival does not only attracts visitors from outside the town but also empowers townsfolk to participate to promote and develop the town. The festival has since brought more life and color in the townfolks’ celebration of the fiesta of the town’s patron, St. Gabriel Archangel.


  • Public Bus(Recommended cheaper but it will take time)
  • Taxi(Expensive but will arrive earlier than the bus)
  • Private Car/ Rental Van(Expensive but will arrive earlier than the bus)

Travel time 4 hours to 6 hours depends on traffic and transportation.

By: Maila Sesante

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