Riverstone Castle, Argao Cebu

Cebu, Philippines

Photo source: http://www.everythingcebu.com/

The municipality of Argao is located in the southeast of the province of Cebu, 68 km from Cebu City. Argao is bordered to the north by the town of Sibonga, to the west are the towns of Ronda and Alcantara, to the South is the town of Dalaguete.

Riverstone Castle, a man-made castle in Argao and was built in April 2002 by the Galeos brothers, Edsel and Edgar. The castle’s architecture is patterned after European castles. Mostly it is made of stones. By exploring the place, you will be mystified to find an underground restaurant, a wine cellar, wishing wells, stone chimneys, stone roundtables, and many more.

You just have to pay for the entrance fee and you will feel like being a princess for a day. It is a good place to visit. An interesting walk plus the food is available. Rooms and overnight stays are also available too. Different animals such as crocodiles, rabbits, birds and many more can be found also inside the castle. The surroundings are so green it will give you good vibes.

By: Maila Sesante

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