Naga Boardwalk, Naga City Cebu

Cebu, Philippines

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Naga City is bordered to the north by the town of Minglanilla, to the west is the city of Toledo, and to the south is the town of San Fernando. Naga is an economy City of the south. There are so many beautiful places in Naga just like their most popular place to unwind the Naga Boardwalk. 

The Naga City Boardwalk is probably the city’s iconic makeover in recent years. It has become a major tourist attraction for many locals who come not just from Metro Cebu but also from other countries. The Boardwalk is a good place for bonding with family and friends and it offers a panoramic view of the bay as well as the mountains of Naga. The ocean view was relaxing to the senses; no trash is strewn nor offensive smell. It brought a nostalgic feeling when you go home. Great place to unwind and relax.

This is a public place, so it’s not impossible that a lot of people visit especially during the weekends and holidays. No need to bring food because there are affordable foods around that you can choose from. While eating your favorite food you can watch the sunset just as majestic as moon gazing the night.

By: Maila Sesante

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