Mandaue City, Cebu

Cebu, Philippines

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Formerly called “Cove of Cebu” and was officially known as Mandaue in the year 1899, it was referred to as the “Merchants’ Paradise”. Mandaue became the first municipality that hosted the first facility in the Philippines. 40% of Cebu’s export companies are based in Mandaue City hence it is famously called in the country as the “Little Rich City”. Composed of 27 barangays, Mandaue is considered to be one of the two highly urbanized municipalities in the region next to Cebu City. 

Mandaue has a lot of products that have been popular in town. Years ago, Expo Mandaue exhibited all Mandaue products in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leader’s Meeting held in Manila.

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Although Mandaue is a town full of establishments and other facilities, this municipality has one of the famous attraction and a tourist destination is the Cebu Westown Hotel, this hotel has swimming pools fit for all ages, they served a variety of flavorful dishes and the staffs are friendly too. Another attraction children would definitely love is the St. James Amusement Park, this is a haven for kids and kids at heart for they provide one-hectare of entertainment facilities. Along with St. James Amusement Park, Mandaue has a Sky Water Park. This water park offers swimming pools, jacuzzi, resting decks, and a water house full of interactive water equipment. 

When you love strolling, you’ll definitely love the view and vibe in Cansaga Bay, especially in the mornings, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the banks where freshly caught fish and other seafood. 

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Every May 7 to 8, the municipality of Mandaue celebrates the Mantawi Festival. The reason for this annual festivity is for the gratitude for their rich cultural gifts and heritage. The residents believe that what they have now is all because of the products that have been passed on overtime. This festivity includes grand parades, street dancing competitions, and lively contingents specifically, students from all the schools located in Mandaue. 


  • Jeepney/Public Utility Vehicle(Recommended for locals and cheaper fare)
  • Taxi(Recommended for tourists and fair fare)
  • Private Car(Recommended for tourists and fair fare)

Travel time 1 hour to 3 hours depends on traffic and transportation.

By: Niña Andrea Dakay

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