Cebu’s delicacy, Chicharon

Cebu, Philippines

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Cebu is home to a number of delicacies that have tickled the taste buds of Cebuanos for generations. And now even tourists from all over the world likes Chicharon. One sinful yet scrumptious delicacy found in the City of Carcar is the chicharon or pork crackling. Chicharon is made of pork rind that is boiled in water with spices and salt before it is cooked in hot oil. It is also available with the meat on them. The chicharon-making industry in Carcar supposedly started in the 1900s when a couple started selling the delicacy after they discovered the delectable taste offered by pork rind boiled in oil. Today, there are many chicharon makers in Carcar, all of whom claim to be the original and the best. But, judging from the taste, all of them can be considered the best when compared to chicharon made in other places. This makes Carcar the center of the chicharon industry on the island of Cebu.

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By: John Christian Ortega

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