Borbon, Cebu

Cebu, Philippines

Formerly an extension of the town of Sogod, Borbon has been established as a parish in 1862. Like most of the municipalities in Cebu named after the places in Spain, the name ‘Borbon’ can be attributed to Bourbon in Spain. On the other hand, some argue that the name Borbon comes from the Cebuano word ‘bonbon’ meaning ‘sandy’ or ‘dusty’ in English.

Unlike its neighboring municipalities, Borbon is not as popular. However, this municipality has hidden treasures, like the Silmugi River. This river plays a big role in this town. Aside from helping residents in their transportation, it’s also a great help in transporting products and goods and is the fastest way to get to church.

Borbon is known for farming and grazing animals. Another major treasure of Borbon is its beaches. Known as One Casita Borbon Beach Farm, this is by far one of the unique resorts and its located in Borbon. This resort composes a farm along the beach that made it unique. This resort is along the beach of Borbon Town, it is a private and exclusive resort. Ready for an unforgettable experience? This resort is famous because they aim to introduce farming as a method to be one with nature. Activities include scuba diving, sight-seeing, boat trips, and enjoy fun activities on the farm. You can personally learn how farmers are doing like harvesting products, and even do it yourself too. You can even trip to their neighboring islet for another adventure.

Who does not love festivals? Along with all the festivals in Cebu, Borbon has its very own. Known as Silmugi Festival, and yes, this festival is connected with the Silmugi River, this celebration highlighted the river and is celebrated in honor of San Sebastian, the town’s patron saint. This festivity includes street dancing competitions and a lot more activities every January 20. The word “Silmugi” comes from the old name of Borbon.

By: Niña Andrea Dakay

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